VEDATRAC III - Gods Lost Roads - 108 Relics of Creators

The purpose of this expedition is to look for not only remains but probably even the beginning of Vedic civilization outside of the India

..stan = Sthā́na

Sanskrit word - Sthā́na - means "the act of standing". From which many further meanings derive, including "place, location", and ultimately descends from Proto-Indo-Iranian sthāna. Nowadays there are still many Indo-European countries containing this ending at the end of the name of the country. It is believed that after the big war of Mahabharatha survivals spread accross the world so forming these countries. There is a lot of important archeological evidence supporting this fact which I will look for and report in here.

Some part of my trip will lead through in ancient world so famous Silk Road. Some part of my trip will lead through some mystical places like Samarkand and in some I wish to present the evidence of previously Earth inhabited Giant races. This vedatrac will be a daily blog and video supported. Hopefully, there will be some underwater video footage of ancient cities now resting in the sea.

Kazahstan, Kyrgizstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Oman, Turkey.

The same linguistic root also shows through in the names for different countries in other languages. For example Arabestan (Persian for Saudi Arabia), Armanestan (Persian for Armenia), Bulgaristan (Turkish for Bulgaria), Chinastan (Armenian for China), Ermenistan (Turkish for Armenia), Hunastan (Armenian for Greece), Hayastan ( Armenia in Armenian), Gurjistan (Georgia in Persian and Turkish), Sırbistan (the Turkish name for Serbia) and others I will try to figure out on my way, like Baltistan, where I believe Baltic region people are coming from even if it's Himalayan mountains.