Morning started as usual - waked up, took a shower. Packed my bag and said bye-bye to my new French friends Leo and Margo. As I am totally out of any cash - they gave me some money to continue my trip. I left Kathmandu hostel Holly Lodge at around 11 AM.

I was going out of Kathmandu for few miles and after I took a local bus until the next city. Then I continued to walk through beautifully Nepalese part of Himalayan mountains until I hitchhiked one truck who was so kind to drop me around 150 km through mountain serpentine.

The Himalayan mountains are very green and full of life at this part. We even stopped at some Nepalese road cafe to have some tea with milk.

As it was already dark in Hetauda truck driver seated me on the bus going to the Nepalese - Indian border-city Birgunj for only 80 Nepalese rupees which is less than one euro for more than 50 km. He explained me that it is not safe to go there so it's better that I take the bus.

The "bus" was a jeep in which somehow was sitting 12 people including me. We where driving really fast and in about hour reached the border city.

In Birgunj I arrived at about 8:40 PM. The border is closed during the nights and it will be open only next morning 9AM - until

Then I had to find some place to sleep overnight. And I found some hotel on a road where instead of asking price 450 rupees I got the room for 250 which is about two euros.

The room reminds me more a prison cell with two separate beds inside and additional room with toilet and shower. No covers for beds and it is definitely that they do not change they bed kit for a lots of clients as everything is in spots and stinks. But it's okay for me as I have got a sleeping bag and at least here I'm safe.