14 songs and released just before Christmas together with some videos on Youtube as cartoons for kids. The full album and the songs can be found if searched for "Ninti Ate". Ninti's Ate songs can be found on all digital music streaming platforms including iTunes and Spotify.

It is difficult to equate this singer with someone, because the music she creates is really unique. The energy of the singer is phenomenal and the songs are just fantastic. Her Spotify profile shows thousands of listeners. Pretty impressive for such a young artist! 

In this reggae-inspired music, you can also feel a touch of autotune and pop. Anyway - her music is still fantastic. The latest song "I Wish You Happy New Year" already has 19,000 views on Soundsclound and was released on November 15 last year alone. This is a talented group that deserves even more recognition. 

The artist's discography includes two albums and songs. She released her first composition back in 2017. Over the years, the group has managed to conquer its loyal listeners. Every month, more than two thousand people listen to her songs on Spotify. So in a way she is already popular. It remains to be seen what awaits her in the future, because it is really bright. 

Ninti Ate is known for such songs as "My Wish List", "Marry Christmas", "Happy Birthday, Jesus" and others. Ninti is especially in love in Austria and there she is quite popular. It's only a matter of time before she conquers the tops of the music scene! 

We offer to listen to the song "Happy Birthday, Jesus" created by the Black Sea Records. We also invite you to follow the groups' social network profiles. It will be easier and faster to find out about the progress of the group and future releases. We've added a link to the group's Instagram profile instead of the reference. Go and follow them!