Supplement Needs: Best Supplements and How to Stay Healthy

With everything going on in the world, looking after your health has never been more critical. You don't have to be a fitness buff or a self-care aficionado to stay healthy. What matters is you're willing to keep making healthy choices.

It's the perfect time to commit to your health and immunity. With more time in your hands these days, you are in the best position to set and meet your wellness goals. If you're ready to take action, here are some tips on how to stay healthy:

Watch what you eat  

Diet is one of the primary building blocks of good health and strong immunity. It's your body's first line of defence against diseases.

Daily, your body requires a certain amount of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, among others, to thrive and have strong immunity. That's why a dietary change is necessary if you're aiming for wellness. Design an eating plan around the best sources of nutrients to supply what your body needs. When you do, you'll be surprised at how satisfying as well as nourishing a healthy meal could be.

A healthy eating plate should have colourful fibrous fruits and vegetables as the mains, while the other should consist of healthy proteins and whole grains. Healthy plant oils should be included in your diet moderately. Choose healthy sources of fats such as virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, and sunflower oil. Include healthy seeds and nuts; they are powerful protein, fats, and antioxidant sources.

 What you eat: Diet

  • Fill ½ of your plate with fibre-rich fruits and vegetables loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. The highest sources of which are the colourful ones.

Get your Vitamin boost from citrus fruits such as orange and grapefruit and kiwifruit, berries, papaya, banana, and cantaloupe. Veggies like kale, carrot, squash, bell pepper, spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and lentils have the most vitamins in them. 

  • ¼ of your plate should have healthy whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, barley, oats, and bulgur. They are a great source of fibre.

Fibre helps you feel full and will help you curb your appetite for unhealthy in-between meals such as sugary snacks and drinks. It's also considered as the body's natural broom, promoting efficient digestive function. It's good for the heart, too, lowering cholesterol and regulating blood sugar by slowing down the body's glucose absorption, preventing unhealthy sugar spikes.

  • Reserve ¼ of plate space for protein power. Give your salad added flavour by tossing in bits of broiled fish or chicken.

Tuna, mackerel, salmon, and sardines are excellent sources of healthy proteins. Flaxseeds and Chia seeds are the best plant-based sources of proteins, not to mention essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Try making delicious smoothies with them.

  • Lastly, add a dash of that all-important plant-derived oils or fats.

Try adding avocado to the mix. If you're not a fan, making olive oil as the base of your dressing is excellent too. Melted butter made from sunflower seed on steamed veggies or freshly broiled fish or chicken, and even whole wheat bread would make a healthful meal appetizing. Virgin coconut oil is another healthy alternative that is touted as a miracle oil for its medicinal properties. You can blend smoothies, make salad dressings, and cook with them.

Some TLC in food preparation is also necessary to ensure optimum quality. Nutrients are lost through washing, cutting, and boiling or cooking food.  To get the most out of every meal, it's best to consume them fresh. Why not browse online for easy-to-prepare recipes for saladsand smoothies that tickle your taste buds.

Get only the best products for your body's supplement needs.

Since the body has its limits, it focuses on making the nutrients necessary for the bodily processes to carry on smoothly called non-essential nutrients. The ones vital for good health but the body falls short in speed to make or cannot synthesize essential nutrients must be supplied through diet and health supplements. No matter how perfect, diets cannot deliver the complete nutrient package for your body's supplement needs, making the role of health supplements as a gap filler crucial. It's your body's second line of defence, especially these days.

Here are also some of the best supplements for optimal health:

  1. The efficacy of all other health supplements hinges on having the best quality multivitamins
  2. Fish oil provides the essential omega-3 fatty acids to fight inflammation and support heart, respiratory, muscle, and immune health.
  3. Six hundred enzyme reactions in the body depend on Magnesium.
  4. Studies reveal that only 2/3 of the world's population gets an adequate amount of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is necessary for bone and muscle strength. It also helps the body to absorb calcium.
  5. A healthy gut is a key to your overall health, and probiotics will help you maintain healthy gut function.

To ensure that your body's supplement needs are amply met, you must choose your health supplements wisely. Go for quality. For the best lineup of health supplements, please click on the image below.

  1. Stay active even in the comforts of your home.

Going to the gym may not be your thing, but you can still stay healthy by choosing an activity that you enjoy and commit to doing it regularly. It could just be walking in place or around your bedroom for a good 30 minutes in the morning and before you settle in at night. To make it more effective, slowly transition to brisk walking to get your heart pumping faster. You can add hand movements and arm exercises while you're at it. You can burn up to 300 calories with this simple exercise routine.

  1. Sleep your way to health.

It's while you catch your Zzz's that your body's incredible power to repair, cleanse and heal take over.  Growth hormones responsible for growth, regeneration, and repair only become active as you sleep. Your immune system releases cytokines as well during this time. These small proteins fight infection and inflammation, helping you recover when you're injured or sick. So, next time you think about ditching sleep, think again.  

If you haven't decided on your second line of defence for overall health, know that supplements might be a great help on your healthy journey. Go to Local Pharmacy Online and get the best quality natural health supplements made by trusted brands.