In 2014, two friends came together with one goal in mind: change the way eSignatures work. They wanted to create a company that was more than just an eSignature service and transform it into a company that would become an extension of their clients and a partnership for their business. In 2014, they went from two friends to a team of more than 100 employees and have been able to change the way eSignatures work for companies for almost a decade now. 

Blueink is an eSignature service that helps businesses and individuals get their documents signed electronically and securely. This company started out in 2014 as a startup and has grown to become a household name amongst our customers over the years. Today, we have over 50 employees and serve over 1,000 businesses and individuals. We are more than just eSignature services, we are an extension of your staff, a seat in your office, and a partner for your business.

We believe that all parties to an agreement have the right not just to sign quickly, but to truly understand what they are signing. Our software aspires to enable a more transparent and efficient way of doing business, and this drives our innovation, product development, and business plans. 

Blueink's goals are simple – save you time and money to allow you to reinvest in yourself, your business and what matters most to you.


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