Trading can be a great way to make money. But one of the biggest problems with trading is that you have to open multiple accounts with multiple exchanges to trade in different asset classes. This can be a costly and time-consuming process for the typical trader. The good news is that there is a way to trade across all of the asset classes that you want with a single account. The best part is that it is easy to do and requires no additional software.

The world of trading is expanding at a rapid pace, but one thing you might not have realized is that trading is now available across asset classes. This is great news for investors and traders, because it means that you can now access 40,000+ instruments to trade, hedge and invest from a single account. It also means that you can now trade across a greater number of markets.

If you want to trade, hedge and invest at the same time from a single account, you need to give yourself the tools you need to make this happen. With our intuitive trading platform, you can trade, hedge and invest across assets classes and all of the major exchanges. You can access 40,000+ instruments – including forex and CFDs – across asset classes, and manage your assets all in one place.

Superior FX trading
Direct Market Access and Straight-Through Processing and Electronic Communication Network (ECN) 100% guarantee a faster, safer, and more dependable trading environment.

Super fast order execution
Our cutting-edge technology ensures that 99.99% of standard order are executed under one millisecond.

Depth of market
Level II currency rates offer complete transparency by showing you real-time bid and ask rates and displaying the amount of liquidity available for each.



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